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Residential Treatment

One of the largest problems for many suffering from addiction when it comes to stopping their substance abuse on their own is their environment. On a regular basis, they may be surrounded by addiction triggers such as people and places that give them an overwhelming urge to use again. This frequent exposure can make it almost impossible to quit. In order to separate themselves from this environment and get serious about quitting, residential treatment could be the answer.

The Benefits of Residential Treatment

Residential addiction treatment is the initial step-down from medical detox. While detox focuses on the body’s physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, our residential treatment program goes one step further. This inpatient program is designed to look at addiction as a problem with many parts and find solutions for each of them so that the patient can find long-term sobriety.

Residential treatment is a highly structured form of inpatient treatment that provides patients with 24-hour support and care to ensure that they stay on the right track. A residential treatment program is a full-time commitment that includes limited contact to the outside world so that patients can focus solely on their recovery. A residential drug treatment program usually includes regular and daily programming or therapy sessions. This program also helps create a strong community of support for the patient.

A residential program is a good fit for someone who has already gone through detox but still has a long way to go in their recovery journey. This person needs a structured and disciplined environment before they are ready to start transitioning back into their normal life where addiction triggers are prevalent. On the other hand, some people may not require a true detox, but still need 24-hour care. These people may lack the support outside of treatment needed to quit for good and find themselves going back to drugs or alcohol when left to their own devices.

Key Components of Our Approach

It is our team’s passion and dedication to the following components of our approach that creates a sense of community where clients are excited to get to participate in our program and move on to a sustainable, new way of life.

Evidence-Based Curriculum

We developed our evidence-based curriculum with the latest available research to address our clients’ deepest physical, mental, and emotional issues. It is our goal to reach the root of the substance use or addiction issue. We include the following therapies, assessments, and plans in our programs:


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Fitness Therapy
  • Somatic Symptom Assessment and Plan
  • Brain & Body Trauma Assessment and Plan
  • Weekly Organized Physical Activities
  • Nutritional Assessment and Plan


Individualized Treatment

After our comprehensive assessment, we develop an individualized treatment plan to meet each client’s needs. Rather than emphasize why an individual comes to Navis Health, we focus on the path forward. We rely on our clinical framework to help each client discover their own values and beliefs, strengths, and passions.

Family Treatment

To improve the quality of life as a family, it’s essential to involve the entire family in treatment. We have individual family therapy, multi-family groups, and parent support groups. Here, families will find a space where they have permission to be open and honest about the challenges they are facing. They can also find answers about mental health and what treatment looks like at Navis Health.


Commitment to Sustainable Change

To achieve a new sustainable lifestyle, individuals and families must accept that meaningful change is vital to recovery. We believe the development of values and beliefs is the first step in providing the foundation for this change. To find a sustainable change, the individual must work with their family members and our clinical team to develop this set of values.

Life Skills Development

Unfortunately, many people turn to substance use to cope with new challenges and everyday stress. At Navis Health, individuals will learn coping skills and they’ll continue the process of defining who they are so they can tackle life’s challenges with confidence. Clinicians call this experience identity formation. In academia, this process is called choosing your major. We recognize that when clients see their schoolwork and career choices as expressions of who they are, they flourish. Our goal is to help you flourish.

Integrity to Values

Individuals can discover and restore the values that their families hold dear while growing a sense of personal responsibility. With a stronger sense of integrity, clients can cultivate their own values, beliefs, and passions that will continue to keep them strong in the face of temptation.

Connection to Others

Through group therapy, clients can develop healthy and authentic relationships that aren’t based on a desire for substance use. Group therapy is also an opportunity to re-establish relationships with family members and other loved ones. Establishing stable relationships in a safe community can positively reinforce the individual’s commitment to change.

Community Support System

The ultimate goal of the program is to create a new, sustainable, joyful and meaningful way of life. Navis Health has dedicated medical and clinical staff to help our clients identify classes, jobs, sports, and other activities that help individuals connect to vibrant and inspiring communities. These new communities are often the key to a new, healthy lifestyle that supports long-term recovery.

Academic & Vocational Support

Substance use can negatively impact grades and job performance. We include academic and vocational support in our programs to help adults get back on track.

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