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At Navis Health, we treat alcohol and a variety of drugs in a safe and medically supported manner. We believe in treating the whole person, so we also address co-occurring mental health disorders and trauma in addition to the addiction. Our gender specific detox & residential programs are tailored for adults and their families to help everyone get to a healthier place. We recognize the importance of gender specific programming; the need to treat men and women discreetly. We adhere to the research showing the fundamental biological and cultural differences between women and men. We also recognize that women and men struggle with substance use disorders for different reasons. The benefit of this approach is that both genders can be…


Getting StartedAdmissions Process

How does it all work? Don't worry. At Navis Health, we understand that the admission process can seem complicated. We're with you every step of the way. We work hard to make the admission process as smooth as possible.  Here's what to expect when starting your recovery journey with us. 1. Help is just one call away. You'll give us a call and one of our experienced representatives will ask a brief series of questions. Our courteous reps will then help determine which facility would best serve your needs. 2. Payment information made simple. Admissions coordinators will explain cost of treatment and payment options. They'll also help you navigate health insurance benefits and help you understand how to pay for…


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Residential Care at Navis Our Approach to Integrated Residential Care   Residential Treatment One of the largest problems for many suffering from addiction when it comes to stopping their substance abuse on their own is their environment. On a regular basis, they may be surrounded by addiction triggers such as people and places that give them an overwhelming urge to use again. This frequent exposure can make it almost impossible to quit. In order to separate themselves from this environment and get serious about quitting, residential treatment could be the answer. The Benefits of Residential Treatment Residential addiction treatment is the initial step-down from medical detox. While detox focuses on the body’s physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, our residential…


Drug & Alcohol DetoxificationWhat is Detox Like?

Providing Structure, Safety, and Comfort in a Residential Setting. At Navis Health, we provide 24/7 medical care and supervision to individuals who are detoxing from drugs and alcohol, as well as therapeutic services including individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, and a robust discharge planning program. With six hours of clinical groups per day, two individual therapy sessions per week, and 24/7 clinical support available, the program’s primary focus is creating a safe and secure environment in which clients can detox and then utilize our residential programming to begin working through any underlying co-occurring mental health issues. Early Mornings: Waking Up During the first few days of a drug and alcohol detox, rest is extremely important. Clients ease into their mornings…



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