5 Signs You Need Alcohol Rehab in Illinois

5 Signs You Need Alcohol Rehab in Illinois

Are your loved ones concerned about your drinking? Have you had more than one person tell you they think you are an alcoholic? While it isn’t easy to admit you have a drinking problem, your friends and family are usually the first ones to recognize when there is a problem. And, if your loved ones are concerned about your drinking, it’s likely that you do have a problem. But, how do you know if your drinking is bad enough to warrant a trip to an Illinois alcohol rehab center? We can help you figure that out.

Here are 5 signs you need alcohol rehab now and that you shouldn’t wait.

1. You Can’t Have Just One Drink

One common feature among nearly all alcoholics is that they cannot take just one drink. When you step into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), you will hear members of the group discussing powerlessness and a lack of control. This is because many problem drinkers struggle to have just one drink – even if they promise themselves they will only have one. As a result, many say they struggle with powerlessness.[1]

Have you ever went to a bar with the firm belief that you would stop drinking and return home after having one beer? Or, did you leave the bar promising yourself you were done drinking, just to go home and have several more drinks alone? Have these occurrences happened more than once? If so, you may be struggling with an alcohol use disorder. And, the inability to control how much you drink and how often you drink is a tell-tale sign that you need alcohol rehab in Illinois.

2. You Experience Withdrawal When You Aren’t Drinking

When you consume alcohol, it depresses the central nervous system and produces feelings of intoxication. The more often you drink and the more time you spend intoxicated, the more your body will adjust to this intoxicated state. Substance abuse, including alcohol abuse, can influence brain chemistry and make the brain unable to produce feel-good chemicals on its own. This is called dependence.[2]

If you feel sick when you don’t drink or you wake up every day with the shakes that don’t go away until you take a drink, you are dependent on alcohol. The symptoms you experience when you don’t think – nausea, headache, irritability, tremors – are withdrawal symptoms.[3] And, if you continue to abuse alcohol without getting help, your withdrawal symptoms will get worse over time. Chronic drinkers may even have potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms that require intensive medical care.

If you are drinking simply to avoid going into withdrawal, it’s time to get help from an alcohol rehab near you. Rehab centers in Illinois can help you with alcohol detox using therapeutic intervention and medication management.

3. You Feel Like You Can’t Function At Home, Work, or School Without Alcohol

Developing a physical dependence on alcohol is bad enough, but psychological dependence can be even worse. After months or years of alcohol abuse, both your body and mind will become dependent on alcohol to function normally. And, when you aren’t drinking, alcohol may be the only thing you can think about – impairing the way you function throughout the day.

Do you have trouble focusing in your classes if you haven’t had a drink? Are you constantly calling out of work because you are hungover or in withdrawal? Or, are you having issues in your home life that are made worse by your drinking patterns? If so, these are all signs you need help from alcohol rehab in Illinois.

4. You Keep Having to Increase Your Alcohol Intake To Get Drunk

In addition to physical and psychological dependence, tolerance is another aspect of alcoholism that indicates the need for professional alcohol treatment. As you continue to drink and your body continues to adjust to having alcohol in its system, you will start developing a tolerance. This means your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) will need to be higher than it used to be if you want to get drunk.

In layman’s terms, tolerance is what causes you to need to continue increasing your alcohol intake to feel the effects you are seeking. If you have noticed that your tolerance is increasing or that you don’t get drunk off of the same amount of alcohol that you used to, you may have a problem with alcohol.

5. You Want To Stop Or Need To Stop But Simply Can’t Stay Sober

It’s safe to say most alcoholics don’t want to be alcoholics. Nobody grows up wanting to be physically, mentally, and emotionally attached to a deadly and toxic substance. However, people who struggle with alcoholism often find that, no matter how badly they want to, they are unable to stop drinking on their own.

Alcoholism is a complex disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Even though some people can drink with impunity, others struggle immensely to regulate their alcohol consumption. If you are one of these people who desperately want to stop but find that you just can’t no matter what you try, you are a perfect candidate for alcohol rehab in Illinois.

Start Alcohol Rehab in Illinois Today

If you identify with any of these five signs and symptoms, you may need help from an alcohol rehab near you. Here at Navis Health, we offer detox and residential treatment programs that can help you stop drinking and stay stopped. Our individualized treatment programs can address your underlying conditions and give you the tools you need to be successful in sobriety.

If you or a loved one are struggling with a drinking problem and are ready to turn your life around, pick up the phone and call now.


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