Second Medical Opinion Service by NavisHealth

Through our proprietary secured healthcare cloud platform, NavisHealth provides second medical opinion consultation services for individuals, contracted medical centers, insurance companies and corporations. Our network of highly specialized world-class physicians, who are affiliated with, or from many world renowned US hospitals and prestigious medical groups, will provide expert second opinions on patient’s current diagnosis, workup and treatment plan. No travel is required and the process is completed within weeks. Patients will receive a comprehensive report which includes diagnosis; further diagnostic workup; treatment alternatives that may be less invasive, more effective, with fewer side effects, or more suitable to the individual patient’s current situations.

Recent studies show, on average, as many as 20% of patients seek second medical opinions; up to 50% in specialty such as oncology; and second opinions often result in different diagnoses or alternative treatment plans.

Who could benefit from a Second Opinion?

  • You do not have a diagnosis for your medical condition
  • Your medical condition requires invasive treatments such as surgery
  • The treatment of your medical condition carries significant risk
  • You are not getting better with existing treatment
  • You have a serious or rare condition

How It Works

If you are a healthcare provider and would like to affiliate with us, please contact us for more information