Engage by NavisHealth

Mobile Patient Engagement Solutions for Hospitals
Engage is a branded, native mobile app that provides your patients with a simple tool to manage their health, right from their smartphone. And because Engage is Meaningful Use certified, it’s easier for you to meet patient engagement compliance for View, Download, Transmit by engaging your patients on the move, all from one simple app.

Best of all, our data agnostic solution makes it easy for your patients to see their records from multiple affiliated facilities, regardless of their EHR, with one single and EASY sign on.

Hospitals of any size can now have a fully-branded native mobile application (for both the iPhone and Android), including all of the promotional and marketing tools needed to launch the mobile app to your patients.

Benefits to Patients:

  • Secure access to medical record with fingerprint technology or 4 digit PIN
  • Single point of access to hospital and clinic records
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Bill Pay
  • Multi-language ready
  • View lab results
  • Medication details and reminders
  • Health tips and instructions
  • Integrated with Apple Health and GoogleFit
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface

Benefits to Providers:

  • Affordable Native mobile app, branded to your organization
  • Meaningful Use certified for View, Download, Transmit
  • Encrypted transmission of medical records
  • Agnostic integration with all EHRs, with one single sign-on
  • Bill Pay
  • Multi-Language ready
  • Reach a larger patient demographic (Smartphone users)
  • Integrated with the Apple Health and GoogleFit
  • Customized messaging on home screen
  • Fast and Easy implementation
NavisHealth, a pioneer in enterprise digital health technology, delivers a mobile health solution that gives patients the tools they need to become active participants in their healthcare.

Why Our Solutions Work for Hospitals and Organizations of Any Size

navishealth-home-picWe recognize that small healthcare organizations face considerable challenges. Having limited resources, but needing to provide a wide array of services, means that their ability to transition to capital-intensive and time consuming approaches will be severely restricted. These resource constraints also make patient engagement, clinical care optimization and compliance with Meaningful Use standards extremely challenging to achieve.

Large organizations often have the financial capability to explore more IT options, but despite this, developing in-house IT solutions or buying large proprietary systems is not always in their best interest.

Large proprietary systems tie them into expensive, resource intensive projects, which are frequently slow-to-implement, overly complex and generally lack flexibility. Building in-house solutions are equally problematic because they tie them into years of technical, financial and resource investments, along with all of the associated risks.

The most efficient approach, for organizations of any size, is to find an agile partner, like NavisHealth.

Our cloud-based native mobile app lowers the technical and financial barriers-to-entry for our customers. Our solutions are data agnostic, so not only can they easily integrate with various EHRs, but they can be deployed much faster than competing products.

There is no additional technical infrastructure, maintenance or special expertise required to use our applications. And because we develop our solutions using agile methodologies, they are affordable for organizations of any size.

Not only do we deliver a native app for both iOS and Android, but our solutions come with ongoing support, training and marketing, so you can move on and focus on other initiatives.

* Engage is certified in the view, download, and transmit to a 3rd party. Engage is a cloud-based solution which requires an annual subscription cost. In addition to the annual subscription cost, Engage may require additional one-time costs for each ONC certified Health Information Technology system in which Engage must be integrated with.

Moreover, Engage does not have any functional limitations in the view, download, and transmit of a patient record to both the patient and 3rd party Health Information Services Providers (HISP). However, a trust relationship must be established between the 3rd party HISP and NavisHealth in order to successfully transmit a patient record. If no such relationship exists, the provider must lodge a service request with NavisHealth identifying the 3rd party HISP, along with contact information for the HISP. The 3rd party HISP must then agree to honoring NavisHealth X509 certificates for Direct Messaging exchange. In turn, NavisHealth will make every effort to establish such connectivity. However, NavisHealth does not warrant that connections with all 3rd party HISPs will be achieved. Furthermore, if there are costs associated for establishing new trust relationships an additional one-time cost may be required.