NavisHealth CEO, Kit Sun, to participate in panel discussion at Frost and Sullivan’s GIL event


gil2015-silicon-valleyGIL 2015: Silicon Valley, is, simply put, an unbeatable opportunity to spark killer new ideas and next strategies, and a great forum to find out what others are doing to keep their companies ahead of the game and grow their business.

Consumers are now demanding more, based on the ways they gather information, tools they use to manage interactions with other industries and how they leverage digital solutions to manage other aspects of their lives. How are connected health solutions directed towards consumers going to change the way we control our health information and outcomes over the next five years?

What do the experiences of successful connected health solutions tell us about what consumers want today?  How will connected health solutions help bridge the gaps in consumer experience between healthcare and other service industries?  What types of information and analytics are needed to guide consumer healthcare decision making today and in the future?

Join Kit Sun and other panel experts as they discuss Innovation in digital health on September 17th at the Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara.

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