Extracting More from your EHR Data

Efficient population control of patients and intelligent extraction of EHR data by providers is key to improving quality and keeping costs down discovered healthcare organizations participating in the Medicare Shared Savings program and Commercial Accountable Care initiatives. Extracting data from the EHR and using it for intelligent business will be the next move for health care.

Data Analysis always seems to hit a roadblock when it comes to collecting data about claims, lab reports, PBM and clinical. There is a big gap in data collection and what is needed is seamless collection of data from all channels and collectively aggregated and delivered to the physicians at all times.

http://www.healthcareitnews.com/blog …. For more timely analysis, many organizations are leveraging their own electronic health record data. This data, even within integrated organizations, is difficult to aggregate because it is often captured with different …

Reports prepared on data provided by patients physicians may not necessarily be accurate and what is therefore required is a comprehensive report based out of data collected by non ACO hospitals and care providers as well. Once good quality reports are prepared it will be well received without resistance.

There are new age population health management tools existing which can capture patient claims, data, remove duplicate entries, run analytics etc which are automatically updated in real time saving time and money.


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